Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, Is it too late to ask for a new little digital camera for Christmas? Well let me tell you how it all happened: Today, Ken and I went to the beach with our Uncle Doug and Cousin Amanda, we had lots of fun. We found a cool cave at Leo Carillo Beach, we even got to see a Seal swimming a round and trying to crawl up onto the rocks. Then we drove a little bit south to Nicholas Canyon beach in hopes of finding some good tide pools. Well apparently in winter even low tide isn't as low as in the summer. Not sure why that is something probably to do with the moon. Anyway I'm sure you're wondering where all this is leading and why I now need a new camera. Well when we got the the second beach we were climbing over some rocks to get to those elusive tide pools and we came to one spot where we would have to wait for the waves to break and recede so we could get across before the next one came. I went first. The tide went out, I went to hurry across and then a second wave that I had not anticipated, leaped up, pulled me off the rock I was on and into the ocean, it then proceeded to smash me into some rocks and spit me on the other side of the rock (which is where I was trying to go, I had just intended to stay a bit dryer....) anyway I get standing up on dry land and the first thing I think about is the camera that was in my pocket. It was still there but rather wet. So you see Santa that's why I was wondering if it was too late. Here is an after picture. Note to self, if you plan to swim at the beach don't wear jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. Amazingly my hat stayed on through all of that. Indiana Jones would have been proud.

On a more serious note, I was more terrified today than I have been in quite some time. Since we visit the beach quite often I had forgotten how dangerous it can be. When I was pulled into the ocean Ken could neither see nor hear me, I got some pretty good cuts and bruises but thankfully that's all.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

Ken and I finally stopped at the ostrich ranch on the way to Tucson. We had a ton of fun. We got to feed the Lorikeets (those bright birdies on Ken's arm) And the ostrich and deer and little mini donkeys. All for only $5 (if it sounds like I'm advertising I am. I think everyone should go)

The ostrich did bite my thumb. It didn't hurt so much but it was just very startling. This is the mission San Xavier. I've gone before but they had scaffolding on the left tower, so I was excited to get pictures without it. Ken came up with the best idea to get there at sun rise. And after being harassed by the Tohono O'odham police we were able to. All in all a very fun trip.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Very Own California Adventure

This Christmas we took ourselves to California. It was so much fun! We were there for 5 days. There was fog on the way there and rain a lot of the time while we were there but as Arizonans we love that stuff.

Saturday we drove to Los Angeles and had a good time walking around downtown.
Walt Disney Hall

Los Angeles Temple

This is the house Ken lived in until he was 8. We stayed not too far away at his Grandparent's house and had an excellent time with our Mathias Cousins.

On Monday we went to Disneyland. It rained a lot of the day but not too hard. It also meant a lot of the lines were shorter.
The coolest part of our Disney Day was getting to eat at Club 33. Mickey even came to eat with us. It was a really good lunch and fun to be in the atmosphere.
On our way to San Diego we stopped in Carlsbad at the Museum of Making Music. As you might imagine Ken had a blast and I now covet this plastic piano.
We spent Christmas Eve at La Jolla Cove playing in the tide pools.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Excuse me, there's a Moth in my Salad

Left to right: Jake, Laura, Alex, Andrea, Ken, and Hayley (Caitlyn is taking the picture)

Tonight we went to Sweet Tomatoes with our friends from Tucson and when we got to the table and started eating Hayley said (very calmly I might add) there is a grass hopper in my salad. My first reaction was to take a picture (of course) but after she said it about three times a waiter came over and took her plate and got a manager. She got 5 certificates for free dinners and half of my salad since she didn't want to go back through the line.
After that everyone was a little hesitant sunflower seeds became bug heads, everything was crawling. Then it turned into ridiculous things like "There is a deer in my salad." All in all a fun evening.

Friday, December 5, 2008

School and Busses

Late last month Ken got his CDL (commercial drivers license). Yesterday He got his certificate from Mesa Public Schools and he drove his first route with kids. He really enjoys it and it leaves him time for his school. On December 1st the Conservatory called Ken to see if he wanted to start school that day as opposed to March 6th (his original start date) We didn't think we could get things together that quickly so they offered him the opening in the January class and DOUBLED! his pell grant. That was a great blessing. So now he'll get to start sooner and we're both really excited for that. I will start school on January 16th at MCC.

This is inside the studio at Ken's School. When we took a tour they showed us all the various studios and class rooms. EVERYTHING has a whole ton of buttons.

Aunt Talana

This is from our wedding 6 months ago.... but I figured most of the family had not seen this since it was taken by the Sowards Family. Anyway. This is Aunt Talana and two of my very close friends. They still talk about my Red Headed Aunt. Little do they know I have two other Fabulous Red Headed Aunts :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year for Turkey Day we went to Tucson to spend Thursday with the Ashton Family.
Somehow we missed getting a picture of Dallin. But these are Ken's Brothers. We were having fun playing outside in the rain while the Turkey cooked. It was a very wet day. It would rain and then the sun would shine for an hour and then back came the clouds. After dinner we had some very tasty pie (Thanks Shannon) and then we played cards til the wee hours of the morning. Mostly just Me and Ken and Mom. Everyone else was a sissy.

Friday morning we got up to make the drive to Central (it's near Safford). While in Benson we encountered some problems. Not only was gas a whopping $2.79/ gal, the Taco Bell we got for lunch was terrible....

I don't have to run faster than the dinosaur...

... just faster than Ken.

We had never been to Benson and we had never made the drive from Tucson to Central so we got to see the back side of Mt. Graham. It rained part of the drive but not to bad and we made it to Central in one piece.
It was Ken's first time to go to Grandma Carmen's so I had fun giving him the grand tour and explaining that you weren't allowed to slide down the laundry shoot or use the intercom. We had another delicious meal and had fun playing with all the cousins.