Friday, December 5, 2008

School and Busses

Late last month Ken got his CDL (commercial drivers license). Yesterday He got his certificate from Mesa Public Schools and he drove his first route with kids. He really enjoys it and it leaves him time for his school. On December 1st the Conservatory called Ken to see if he wanted to start school that day as opposed to March 6th (his original start date) We didn't think we could get things together that quickly so they offered him the opening in the January class and DOUBLED! his pell grant. That was a great blessing. So now he'll get to start sooner and we're both really excited for that. I will start school on January 16th at MCC.

This is inside the studio at Ken's School. When we took a tour they showed us all the various studios and class rooms. EVERYTHING has a whole ton of buttons.


Ali said...

Hey congrats!!! That's such great news! Maybe I'll see you at school sometime next semester ;)

I'm glad that everything is working out so well for you guys!!

Ken and Laura said...

Hehe Thanks. I'll be taking afternoon classes everyday. And yes we're both so grateful for all of the blessings.

Geneva said...

whoa, conservatory? what will he be doing? I know nothing of this husband of yours. Or this blog. Until now!

Heber A said...

Ken drives a school bus? He is now one of my coolest acquaintances! Assuming he never becomes one of those grumpy bus drivers.